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The University of Waterloo Varsity Therapy team aims to provide all student-athletes on all varsity teams with the highest level of individualized, equal access to our health care services.
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Welcome to the University of Waterloo Therapy team website. The focus of the site is to provide student-athletes, coaches, student trainers and other health care professionals information about our clinic, our therapy team and our general philosophy. We hope that you will find the site helpful and informative.

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Medications/ Supplements

CCES has released a bulletin re: supplements to avoid containing anabolic steroids CCES Bulletin

CCES/CADP release on marijuana violations- CCES Marijuana

The CCES Asthma Therapeutic Use Exemption form can be found here:

Note: As a CIS athlete you are considered a Domestic athlete and are not required to submit a TUE until tested. If you compete as part of a national or international federation you may be required to submit a TUE prior to testing. See here

Nutritional Information

The Registered Dieticians of Canada have an excellent interactive website to track your food intake and give you some basic information regarding your diet- Eatracker

Student Training

KINESIOLOGY students- Volunteer as a student trainer with a UW Varsity Team. See Student Trainers and also a brief audio file here

If interested in applying to become a student trainer please complete the following application form

Enroll in Sports Injury related courses at UW

KIN 140L- Winter term, 340- Fall term, 341- Winter, 440- Winter, KIN 491- Spring

There are a number of other courses related to sports injuries that can be taken as a specialization.


Donations to enhance the Therapy services and equipment available for our Varsity Athletes can be made here under Athletics- Therapy.

Future directions include:

The MIKEY Network has generously donated 3 public access defibrillator units to Athletics for use in the PAC pool, CIF arena and CIF playing fields.

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