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Columbia Icefields Arena

Emergency Personnel:

Hockey- Certified Athletic Therapist or physician present for all games, student therapist present for scheduled practices and games, arena staff for all practices and games

Figure skating - Arena staff present for all practices

Charge person - Primary therapist on scene

Call person - Arena staff

Control person - Therapists / coaches / officials

Venue Directions- From the West - Columbia St to Hagey Blvd , left to arena/ CIF complex on left,

park in round-about in front of CIF, enter via main doors to arena

From the East - Columbia St to Hagey Blvd , right to arena/ CIF complex on left, park in

round-about in front of arena, enter via main doors to arena

Waterloo security will meet Ambulance at Columbia St entrance ( Hagey Blvd ) and direct to the arena

Venue Map: Attached

Emergency Communications :

1. Managers office at East end of arena

2 . Pay Phone outside of main doors of arena

Phone Numbers -

Ambulance 9-1-1 if on campus phone

9-1-1 cell phone

Security- Waterloo- 888-4911 x22222, call after ambulance

Hospitals :

Grand River 519-742-3611

St. Mary's 519-749-6410

Poison Control 519-744-4121

Physicians- Dr. Duke WSM 519 746-2220

Dental- Emergency on-call after 5pm 519 749-4078

Emergency equipment : AED available in Tote desk

Hockey- Supplies brought to games (Spine board, medical kit- airway equipment, emergency oxygen, splinting material)

Figure skating- First aid kit in managers office

Role of First Responders:

•  Immediate care of the injured or ill student athlete

•  Emergency equipment retrieval

•  Activation of emergency medical system (EMS) or designation of person to call EMS

•  call 9-1-1

•  notify Waterloo security 888-4911

•  Direct EMS to scene-security should do this at the arena entrance

•  scene control: limit area to first aid providers only