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Visiting Teams

Emergency Information Sheet for Visiting Teams


Date:________________________ Sport:__________________________

Visitors: ____________________ Game Location: PAC, CIF Field # 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Student Therapist(s):______________________ Call person:_______________

Athletic Therapist/ MD on duty/ on call: Yes No



In the event of serious injury when you may need assistance:

•  Contact the student therapist, if on field raise one arm overhead with fist closed

•  The student therapist will assist you and place the call for an ambulance for you

To call an ambulance in case of emergency:

•  If on field raise arms overhead and meet hands in a point, our student therapist will make the call for you

•  Portable cell phones will be at the fields with the student therapists

•  There is a yellow help phone pole near the gravel parking lot to the East of all of the fields, this will connect you to the Campus Police who will call the ambulance for you

•  If you call directly for the ambulance you must call Campus Police also, 888-4911, or on campus phones x 22222, to inform them that you have called for an ambulance. They will meet the ambulance and direct them to where you are located.

•  In the gyms in the Physical Activities Complex the nearest phone is at the Tote desk at Red North

There is also a phone in the clinic. To dial out you must dial 9-1-1!!

•  Please complete an On site injury form which the student therapist will give to you.


Emergency Numbers: Ambulance : 9-1-1

Campus Police: 888-4911 or 22222 if on campus

Hospitals/Walk In Clinics Directions

St Mary's Hospital : 519-749-6994 Columbia St or University Ave West to

911 Queens' Blvd and Westmount , Kitchener Westmount Rd, South to Queens ' Blvd,

Left on Queens ', hospital on the right

K-W Hospital : 519-742-3611 Columbia St or University Ave East to

835 King St W. , Kitchener King St, South On King, just past Union

On the Right

Urgent Care Clinic: Walk in, X ray 519-745-2273 Columbia or University West to

Westmount and Victoria Westmount , follow south to Victoria

Use the Taco Bell entrance to plaza on SW corner

Health Services : On call physicians 519-651-4496 Building on the south side of the PAC,

Across Ring Rd and the pond

Waterloo Sports Medicine: 519-746-2220 University Ave East to Tim Hortons plaza

X rays during the weekday, Sports Medicine Physicians on the right , #65 unit 12 in the back corner

Dental: Emergency on-call after 5pm 519-749-4078