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Fluid Replacement


Hopefully you have been training over the summer to reduce the negative effects you may have to endure. During the first few weeks of fall camps you will encounter significant physical changes.

It is crucial to ensure that you remain well hydrated during your camp or you will experience a number of unpleasant physical side effects of dehydration. Among those are:

1. Headache

2. Nausea

3. Muscle cramping

4. Fatigue

Just to name a few.

Not only will you have these negative side effects of dehydration but you will also experience a decrease in performance. This decrease in performance can take place with as little as 1-2 % loss in hydration.

Thirst is a poor indicator of hydration. By the time you begin to feel thirsty you are already dehydrated.

It is each team's responsibility to ensure that they bring a jug and bottles with water to each practice.



Weigh yourself in the AM

Drink 2 cups 2 hours prior

Drink 1 cup 15-30 minutes prior

During :

Drink 1/2-1 cup every 15 minutes


Weigh yourself after practice

For every 1kg of weight lost attempt to replace with 1 L of fluid

Refuel with carbohydrate- fruit, bars, and energy gels

This information sheet was prepared by Dr. Trevor L. Hall, MD, CCFP, Dip. Sport Med. and Dr. Robert Lee, MD, Dip. Sport Med. from the Waterloo Sports Medicine Centre. For further information, feel free to contact us at 519 746 2220.