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Maintenance and Supplies


•  The CIF and PAC clinics require maintenance for smooth operation and general hygiene. Listed below are tasks that should be completed by the student therapists.

A. Whirlpools cleaned Daily w/ cleaner and scrub pad

PAC- 1 hot, 1 cold

CIF- 1 hot, 2 cold

B. Counters cleaned Daily w/ disinfectant

C. Tables cleaned " "

D. Laundry bin taken to tote desk. Daily if full

E. Clean laundry put away " "

F. Weights/equip neatly stacked " "

G. U/S, massage bottles filled " "

H. Towels out for U/S


•  The Head Athletic Therapist or football therapist will distribute supplies to the student therapists. The student is responsible for recording in the supply book in the CIF or PAC what items were given for their team, the amount and the date. If neither person is present the student trainer can access the required supplies and log the amount taken in the supply book.