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Medical Facilities

•  Only varsity athletes currently competing or those with injuries incurred during the previous season will be treated at the clinic.

•  Appointments are required for therapy. If there are openings to see new patients those athletes showing up at the clinic without an appointment may be seen that day. This is at the discretion of the therapist.

•  Athletes who do not show i.e. do not call to cancel an appointment, for appointments will be ineligible for further treatment until they meet with their therapist to explain their absences. There will be a charge for missed appointments of $20. A missed appointment is considered to be not calling or informing the clinical associate in some manner about missing an appointment prior to a booked appointment time.

•  Only those athletes who have appointments will be permitted in the clinic especially when the clinic is busy. This is due to space, noise, and privacy and temperature limitations.

•  All in season athletes will have equal access to clinic appointments. Out of season athletes will be accommodated by the therapy staff as soon as possible after in-season athletes have been addressed.

•  Urgently injured athletes will be seen in the clinic as soon as possible.

•  Athletes using the clinic must be supervised i.e. student therapist or therapy staff. Unsupervised varsity athletes are not permitted to utilize the clinic.

•  All athletes entering the clinic are required to wear t-shirts unless requested by a clinical associate to remove for assessment or treatment.

•  Please leave footwear, bags, coats etc outside the clinic.

•  (Football) All athletes injured during games on Saturday are required to report those injuries to the football therapist after the game or at the Sunday practice. Your injury will be assessed and a treatment plan for the week will be formulated. Coaches will be informed as to your injury status for the week by the football therapist.

•  All tensor bandages will remain in the clinic. Anyone leaving the clinic will have ice wrapped with flexi-wrap.

•  All equipment will remain in the clinic. No athletes shall remove/ borrow equipment for their personal use at home.

Here are some current clinic pics:

UW clinic pic

UW clinic pic 1

UW clinic pic- WP room