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Medical Support

Medical Coverage

UHIP-Out-of-country students must show proof to register for classes and to compete in varsity sports

OHIP- All Ontario residents must show proof of OHIP card to participate in varsity sports Extended Health- Covers all undergrads, graduate students

Please see link below for information on your student health coverage:

Extended Health Care Coverage Claim Form

Drug Information

All current drug information can be viewed via the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport (CCES) website at:

CCES- Drug information

CCES has just started a new drug information service covering information about common medications and over the counter drugs.

CCES Drug Info Link


We do have access to the Registered Dietician on-campus in Health Services. A note from our physician is required prior to accessing this service. See link below for more information.

Health Services- Nutrition

The Registered Dieticians of Canada also have a very helpful website and program called Eatracker. It allows you to input your food intake and exercise habits and develops an analysis of your caloric intake, nutrient intake and provides you with an analysis compared to the recommended daily intake.


Dental Care

You have a number of choices in relation to your dental care while here at UW. In the SLC there is a new dentist- Dr Gaber, who can provide regular and emergency dental services as well as mouthguard fitting and preparation.

Campus Dentist

There is also a new clinic has opened within the new TechTown building on North Campus. The dentists there are Drs. Doug Jones and Tim Sellner. There is also an Orthodontist- Dr Suzanne Cziraki for those of you with braces. You can access them for regular dental care, custom mouthguards and emergency care.

They can be reached at 519-746-7333 or online at TechTown Dentistry

Dental coverage information for your extended health care plan can be located at:

In Season Injuries or Illness

It is up to you to arrange alternative times and dates to submit papers, write tests or exams as per University regulations. We will make every effort to assist your efforts in obtaining a physician's note for an injury which has been assessed by one of our team physicians. You should follow the University procedures when requesting leniency in changing dates and times. Please see the link below for further details.