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Medical Team


•  Any athlete sustaining a concussion requires medical clearance from a UW Team Physician before being eligible for return to play exertion testing. If successful in the exertional testing protocol the student athlete must get permission from the UW team physician to return to play.

•  Pre participation physicals- See Athletics Policies and Procedures

•  Therapists will fill out a weekly total of hours worked on the sheets provided.

•  Therapists will keep track of numbers of patients per day and fill out monthly totals on the sheets provided.

•  Therapists will keep detailed record of new assessments; follow up treatment and any other pertinent documents within treatment charts.

•  All varsity athletes are required to have up to date medical information forms. Each athlete will have a file on record at the clinic even if they have not attended therapy.

•  Only staff trained in oxygen use will be permitted to utilize the AED and emergency O2 tanks.

Our Staff


Rob pic Rob Burns- Head Athletic Therapist

Laura pic Laura Sylvah- Football Athletic Therapist/ Assistant Athletic Therapist

JM Jackie McCarl- Assistant Athletic Therapist


Marin picDr Marin Duke- CASM physician

Dr Anthony Chris- Football physician

Neuropsychology Consultant

Eric Roy Dr Eric Roy


Dr Dan Higginson- Beechwood

Dr Cal Keil


Tom Chartier


Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy students- CCMH


Dr Dean Gaber- Campus Dentist