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Schedules Fall 2010

Athletic Therapy Clinic- CIF 1206

Day Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
12:30pm Chiropractic        
1pm Rob Burns
1:30 pm          

Jackie McCarl/ Laura Sylvah- FB

3pm Massage- PAC        
3:30pm Dr Duke        
4pm Pedorthics        
Post- practice acute injury assessment

Effective September 13, 2010

Please note: All appointments must be booked in the CIF clinic with the appropriate health care provider. Please call x35661 or visit the clinic.

Priority is given to in-season, i.e. playing league games

Rob Burns (Head Athletic Therapist)- CIF- Mon-Fri 1-4:30.

Please email here for an appointment time.

Laura Sylvah (Football Athletic Therapist)- CIF- Mon-Fri 2-4

Jackie McCarl (Fall Athletic Therapist)- CIF- Mon-Fri 2-5:30

Dr Duke- CIF- Mon 3:30-5pm

Please note you must have your provincial health card for each visit

Waterloo Sports Med - Monday to Friday (By appt) 519 746-2220


Personal Focus 519-880-8999

Chiropractors- CIF- Mon 12:30-1pm- first come first served


Beechwood Chiropractic - Monday to Friday (By appt) 519 888-6030

Pedorthics- Mon 4-6pm by appointment

Please note you must have a physicians referral prior to booking an appointment for orthotics

Massage- Mon 3-6pm PAC 2021- Sign up the day of the clinic at PAC